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David Winiarz

David Winiarz

(Chief Executive Officer / CEO)

David Winiarz, President of Interfries Inc, having worked with an assortment of different frozen food products, I found my passion in the potato business. For 25 years now, I’ve been breathing and living this simple, and yet immensely versatile tuber. That passion led me to cooperate with the best farmers and processors, the ones that could deliver high quality, all natural product grown under sustainable conditions. 
We take potatoes seriously. This is why the core of our work is the close relationships we build with our suppliers in order to deliver the best potato product in the market. 

Our processors have full control of the entire supply chain: from farm to fork. 
Our product assortment is carefully selected for individual specifications, market segments, quality requirements, and tastes. The range goes from classic straight cut french fries to very sophisticated specialties that will bring more variety, originality, great flavors and quality to your customers. This way, you can enrich your menus and offer more appetizers and side dish varieties.



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